County Treasurer's Office

Treasurer’s office is open 8am-4:30pm with social distancing measures in place.  No appointment necessary the doors will be locked promptly at 4:30pm.

Customers who need to renew their vehicle and pay property taxes can continue to do so through the mail or on the Woodbury County website. You can call for your pin# or receipt # if you do not have it.  712-279-6500 for Vehicle and 712-279-6495 for Tax.

Effective immediately, the drive-up window will be open for vehicle renewals and tax payments with tax statement only.  Any delinquent taxes will not be accepted at the drive-up window. Only cash or check will be accepted at the drive-up window.

Thank you in advance for your patience through this difficult time.

Notice!  Notice!  Notice!

 June 1, 2016, The Property Tax Office

moved to 822 Douglas St Suite 102

Welcome to the World of the Woodbury County Treasurer, his deputies and staff. You will find here a knowledgeable, ready to serve group of individuals that staff three departments, all here for the convenience of the residents and taxpayers of Woodbury County.

The Property tax division collects taxes for real estate property, mobile homes, utilities, industrial equipment, machinery,  grain and buildings on leased land, and city and county special assessments. The property tax division is also responsible for tax sale duties such as, processing tax sale redemptions, issuing tax sale deeds, processing tax suspensions, and issuing mobile home tax clearances.

The Motor Vehicle Division of the Treasurer's Office issues vehicle titles and registrations and collects all vehicle fees for the residents of Woodbury County. The Department of Natural Resources (DNR) issues hunting and fishing licenses, and also processes titles and registrations for boats, ATVs, and snowmobiles.

The main Property Tax office, Motor Vehicle Division and DNR are located at 822 Douglas St Sioux City. The Little Courthouse in Anthon at 105 N 2nd St, can do Tax, Motor Vehicle and DNR.

The Woodbury County Treasurer's offices in Sioux City (Motor Vehicle-Trosper/Hoyt Building) and Anthon is one of two treasurer's offices in the state to offer DNR services.

The Woodbury County Treasurer has a unique "economic development" plan. The county's funds are kept in all Woodbury County banks, because they all pay property taxes, and because these funds can then be available to loan back out to Woodbury County residents. The interest earned on the funds is placed in the county general fund, which helps to reduce the property tax asking.

If you need additional information, please contact:
Woodbury County Treasurer's Office
Phone: 712-279-6495
Fax: 712-279-6497